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Canadian astronomers are searching for evidence

Canadian astronomers are searching for evidence of a meteor they believe caused a mysterious explosive sound heard over a large area of southern Quebec, eastern Ontario and upper New York state on Tuesday evening.

"Astronomers will now work to determine where the meteor originated by collecting eyewitness reports and searching for images of the fireball on 'all sky cameras' which are essentially webcams aimed towards the sky," said Dr. Paul Delaney, a senior lecturer in astronomy at York University.

"This will also help to determine if any pieces were likely to have reached the ground."

The Earth is regularly hit by small meteors, which typically burn up long before reaching the ground. cheap nfl jerseys

The Canadian Space Agency, headquartered just outside Montreal, is yet to confirm a meteor, citing a lack of concrete information.

The Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in February was a wholesale nfl jerseys larger one that caused significant damage. In October, a coffee table sized chunk of the space rock was recovered. It weighs nearly 1,500 lbs.

"If a meteor explosion did create the sonic boom heard in (Quebec), it would have been a much smaller chunk of rock than (Chelyabinsk). Small meteor impacts are relatively common, creating beautiful fireballs for observers," said Jesse Rogerson, an astronomy and astrophysics PhD student at York University.