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Broncos rookies prepare for life in the NFL

Broncos T.Y. Hilton Super Bowl Jersey rookies prepare for life Andrew Luck Super Bowl XLIX Jersey in the NFL

KUSA Orlando Franklin remembers his rookie season very well so he knows what this year's groups of Broncos freshmen are up against. Franklin ended up playing a lot his rookie season in the Broncos "run first" approach but since then things have drastically changed."I think if I was a rookie in this offense I wouldn't have played," Franklin said Wednesday. "I think it was a lot easier for me to play with Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow when I came in than when it is to come in and play with a guy like Peyton," Franklin continued.Emmanual Sanders remembers his rookie year as well with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Confidence among rookies often runs high, until those first few practices."As a rookie you're dealing with a playbook and every guy that's been drafted at their previous school they are the man," Sanders told reporters Wednesday."Things change outside football also from a family stand point so you're dealing with a lot of different things. You've got to learn how to balance it and that's why it's good to have guys to take these guys under their wings and show them the ropes," Sanders continued.Sanders rookie season ended with a Super Bowl loss with the Steelers, something he hopes Broncos rookie receiver Cody Latimer doesn't have to go through."I didn't come in and tear up the league but we did go to the Super Bowl," Sanders said with a smile. "I'm hoping he does the same thing but this time I hope we win it all."